Commission a Performative Validation

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Hey. I’ve got to talk to you. Man-to-man. Man-to-person. Because I heard you’re working with unfamiliar materials.

Look, I’m not the best ironer in the world. This thing in my hand--(hold up iron)--it’s a hot, steaming piece of metal. It’s dangerous. It’s intimidating. It has a sharp point!

This iron, though -- I understand it now. This iron and me get along. It’s like the iron and I are one body. Some people say that ironing is a fantastic upper-body workout, but they’re missing the point. Me and this iron – we *are* *one* body.

Anyway, look. I was once a young boy with crinkled shirts. Irons were unfamiliar materials to me. But now they’re not. I’m telling you this because it can be your story, too. You can do this. Whatever your unfamiliar material is -- it can become a part of you.

Commissioned from: I will say Anything You Want While Ironing In A HD Video, In Italian, English, Spanish