Commission a Performance for Personas Outside of Comfort Zone

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one. the ad twins
(note: “Liat” is pronounced LEE-AHT -- rhymes with FIAT, the car company)

left: Hi, i’m Emily.

right: ...and i’m Liat.

together: ..and we’re anxious to make.

left: I’m an artist living in LA.

right: And I’m an artist in Oakland.

together: Sometimes we wondered what it would feel like to be twins.

left: We’re feminists.

right: Just so you know. Like, sometimes people ask me how I got to where I am. And It’s not because of my looks.

together. It’s not because of our looks.

left: It’s not about bodies. It’s about minds. It’s about art.

right: We wanted to try on these bodies to say that.

left: Yeah.

right: Yeah.

together: These feminist twin bodies.

left: I’m a feminist twin. It feels…


right: How does it feel?

left: I’m not sure yet.


right: Yeah. me neither. (pause) You look good though.

left: Don’t say that.

right: Sorry. Engrained patriarchy. Ugh.

left: It’s ok.


right: I feel less lonely.

left: You do?

right: Yeah.

left: Are you anybody’s favorite person?

right: What?

left: Are you the favorite person of anybody?

right: Oh.

left: I can give you some more time to think about it.

right: No, no, that’s ok. (pause) I am. I am somebody’s favorite person

left: Ok, so can I ask you how sure you are of this? Are you very certain, confident, you think so, not sure, or could be?

right: Oh, I’m very certain!

left: Ok, that’s the highest, the top.

right: I know. You’re my twin. So… it has to be true.

(With surprise, as if she doesn’t feel that the other twin is her favorite person) left: Oh!

two. ashwani thakur twins
100 words

right: Yeah. That’s how I know I’m somebody’s favorite person.

left: OK.

right: I’ve always wanted to be a man.

left: I’ve always wanted that, too.

right: Like, a art-businessman, with a sharp blazer.

left: And a twin! That’s what I want.

right: What would you do as an art-twin-businessman?

left: I guess I would talk to a camera.

right: Yeah?

left: And I would write business plans. I would write business plans about how to make yourself an Internet empire. I’d take my twin-businessman to venture capital meetings, and we’d surround angel investors until they pulled out their checkbooks.

three. the australian twins.

right: hahaha, that’s a great idea. What would you do when the checkbook comes out?

left: I would take the check! And run to the bank! I would deposit it and begin my internet empire.

right: I love the Internet. That’s the teenage boy inside me.

(both look down at bodies, and realize that they are teenage boys)
together: whoa! our bodies!

right: I always told you that you text like a teenage boy.

left: ahaha

right: Oh man, this is great. I love being a teenager. The angst! The firsts!

left: So we’re teenage boy twins?

right: Yeah.

left: Do you think we’ve fallen in love yet?

right: I don’t know. (pause) I think I almost have, but not quite. I think I came close.

left: I think I fell in love.

right: How did it feel?

left: It was a lot of emotions. Oh man. Intoxicating. I think it was like a deep ocean. Like the kind of deep oceans in geology books.

right: I love oceans. I think my first time will feel like a big fire. A big fire burning in a deep hole.

left: But you have fallen in love before, right?

right: *I* have, but this teenage boy hasn’t. So I’m trying to picture what *his* first time will be like. I think it will be a deep hole with a fire in it.

left: Whoa, these roles, these holes. There is so much digging.

Commissioned from: I will create a promotional video featuring twins and I will create a Special Promotional Video featuring TWINS and I will get Australian twins to read out your message