The Future of Work Testimonials


The Future of Work Testimonials were commissioned from "testimonial actors" on

Testimonial actors are actors whose role it is to perform "authentic" testimonials about a product or service. In the majority of cases, these are products or services they have never used. Testimonial actors are accustomed to working with scripts. Rarely do they contribute their own thoughts or opinions about the things they are reviewing.

The actors we hired were not given a script. Instead, they were presented with a series of questions about jobs, the sharing economy, and the future of work. To our knowledge, the following responses reflect the personal views and experiences of these workers.

Interview Questions

Do you consider yourself a worker in the so-called “sharing economy?” Why or why not?

What job do you think will be more desirable in the future than it is now (why) ?

Do you feel your job is threatened by automation? (For instance, by computers, assembly lines, or outsourcing.)

What do you think the future of work will look like? Will there be a water cooler, or a cafeteria or break room - if not what kind of spaces might replace that? What kind of people will choose to work in the same space?

Does the future of work change your idea about what an ideal childhood fantasy job would be or even remind you of one of your childhood dreams?

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